Refund Policy

General Disclaimer
We carefully prepare every order
to ensure it reaches its destination
in the best possible condition.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with our product,
please contact us and we will do everything
we can to replace it, or refund it, whichever
you prefer.
We absolutely DO NOT accept returns on
perishable foods.
We do not add preservatives to our cookies,
therefore our cookies do not travel well.
To preserve quality we reserve the right to restrict shipping locations. 
Shipping Disclaimer
 We do not offer refunds for delays by the shipping carrier
as this is not within our control.
This includes general delays, weather delays, and any other delay
that may take place. In an effort to minimize shipping delays,
we only offer 2 and 3 day shipping options through USPS and UPS.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some carriers
have experienced unusual shipping delays.
Please track your delivery date/time and plan to have
someone available to accept your shipment. 
Kindly notify us if your product arrives well past
your expected delivery date and we will offer a
10% discount off your next purchase.